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Gaza is a war torn strip of the Occupied Palestinian Territories that has been under a decade long Siege. With blockade of the land, sea and air, the movement of food, basic resources and energy supply is restricted, impeding opportunities for development. Despite having a highly educated civilian population, under the harsh economic climate there remains little reward, where Gaza suffers from the lowest rate of employment in the World.  Despite these obstacles Gazan citizens show an unparalleled resilience towards self-determination. 

New Gaza is an online newspaper hosted by Al Thorayya media organisation in Gaza, and UK writers. We publish in depth coverage on the subjects of art, culture, cuisine, health, environmentalism and human interest. From a perspective that is often neglected by the mainstream media we share tales of loss, joy, triumph, innovation and hope.

Up front and personal, New Gaza celebrates the complexities of a land under Siege and the promise that such adversity delivers.  


 Special thanks to photographers Baker Nofal, Mohamed Yaghi and Mohammed El Housh.


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